Group Dance


Wedding Packages



♦ Social Hour and Dinner Music Included with each package free of charge!

♦ 4 - 5 or 6 Hours of customized entertainment to keep you and your guests movin' on the dance floor!

♦ Special requests taken during the event. If we don't have it, we will get it with on the spot downloads!

♦ A wide variety of music for all ages!

Wedding Packages



♦ LED Video Panel to share your favorite memories with your guests! Our large LED panel the special events leading up to your big day!

♦ Up-Lighting to add to your decor... instantly change the mood in the room by adding some vibrant lighting. We have lights in all sizes big enough for any room! 



Additional Items

Customize your own package!


♦ Customized dance time (by the hour)

♦ LED Video Panel to share your favorite memories with your guests and music videos and video graphics during the dance!

♦ Vibrant Up-Lighting to brighten up your special day.

♦ Additional Sound System for wedding ceremonies (IE. outdoor ceremony).

♦ Moving-head/Intelligent lighting!

♦ A variety of fog machine and effects.



All Inclusive

Customizing your package!


♦ We ask each customer to fill out a special song list prior to each event - This gives us a good idea of what you would like to hear. We mix your requests in with other popular hits! Each group is different - we don't just press play and let the play list go....

♦ Wedding Party Entry/Grand March - Couples First Dance - Mother/Father Dance with Bride and Groom - Kidz Jam (some popular kids songs to let them let loose) - All Ages Dance-off (can your guests keep up with the DJ?) - Sing-alone (we turn the mic over to you and your guests) - Bouquet Toss and Garter Belt removal/auction - Dollar Dance and much, much more! We will do as little or as much as you want to make your dance fun. 

♦ Each package includes static wash lighting - we refuse to charge extra for lighting! (*only exception is up-lighting for the reception hall, or moving-head / intelligent lighting for the dance floor...). Each package also includes other special effect - fog, bubbles, etc. 

♦ We strive to accommodate any special music requests you and your guests have. If we don't have it - we will get it on the spot! (all of our music is downloaded from iTunes, we do not use "free" music)

♦ We work vigorously with each customer to pre-plan the event so it's a worry free event! After all, you have plenty of other things to worry about.

♦ And lastly - We set up before each event starts. Some companies set up while you eat. We think that's distracting for you and your guests. This also allows us to be able to play music while you socialize and enjoy your meal!



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