DJ Packages


Standard Package

  • 4 Hour Dance

Total ............................................  $1,000

Entire Sound and Light system included with each package - we do not charge additional fees for standard lighting for the dance floor - with the exception of up-lighting or intelligent lighting.


*Social Hour/Dinner music included free of charge with all packages.

Premium Package

  • 4 Hour Dance

  • Ceremony

  • Intelligent Lighting (upgrade)

Total ............................................  $1,250

This package includes everything from the Standard Package, plus:

  • Intelligent lighting - moving head lights as apposed to basic static wash lights

  • Equipment for the ceremony, to include a lapel mic for the officiant and a handheld wireless mic for a reader

  • Other special effects, such as haze, which aids in showing beams of light, may be used and is included

Ask us about adding the LED Video Panel!!  Music videos and effects are played on the video panel to enhance the dance atmosphere. We are also able to hang intelligent lighting from the truss used to support the video panel. 

Additional Services


Up-lighting (Over 30 lights available)  .....  Inquire

Moving Head / Intelligent Lighting..   Inquire
LED Video Panel ................................   Inquire

Additional System (Outdoor Ceremony) .  $150
Additional Dance time
(by the hour) ...  $75

Outdoor Events (dep. on accommodations) add $100 (insurance purposes)



Now Available!

LED Video Panel and Upgraded Intelligent Light System!

Add moving head lights and a LED video panel to you're dance to create an epic atmosphere with unique effects!!


Ultimate Package - best value!!!

  • 5 Hour Dance

Total ............................................  $1,600

This package includes everything from the Premium Package, plus:

  • LED Video Panel (indoor events only)

  • An extra hour for the dance

  • Additional effects, including a powerful fog machine shooting a quickly dissipating cloud of fog up into the air

  • Intelligent lighting suspended from a truss system! (more than the Premium Package)


*Additional system for outdoor ceremony includes:

-Sound System

-Handheld wireless mic

-Wireless body mics to mic for the officiant

-music for ceremony

-hook up for guitar (if needed)

-mic stands (if needed)


*Up-lighting - accent lighting used in and around the reception room - i.e., behind the head table or along other walls. Up-lighting will add color to the room as well as provide additional light to the room. We have a variety of lights on hand. Depending on the event and amount of lighting needed, additional charges may apply. Because they are LED lights, we have all colors and shades of light you can possibly think of. Each light can be changed to a different color. Up to 3 colors of light come at no additional cost when booking up-lighting. View images in our media or gallery sections.


***Video Panels range in size and can be split to have 2 or more identical panels in the room. They allow us to play music videos and add more visual effects to the dance. 

***Moving head lights allow us to add additional visual affects to the atmosphere! We have heard many times, "lights make the show". So, we listened to our customers and added moving head lights to our line-up. These bright, high intensity LED lights do not disappoint. With a little haze (light fog) the beams from lights are more visible, creating an impressive light show!

**BA Entertainment guarantees to beat our competitors pricing. If we do not already, we will match or beat any competitors pricing for an equal package or set up. Each customer and their business is important to us, therefore we offer our best prices to all our customers. Contact us if you have any questions and we will work with you to see what we can do to find a package and price that works best for you!