Our music library is up-to-date and endless. We have everything from country to classic rock to pop and oldies. We strive to stay current and keep our DJs informed with what's popular. If there is something you want to hear, we will play it. If we don't have it, we will get it - featuring on the spot downloading.

*All of our music is purchased through iTunes.



Since our equipment is what makes us look and sound good, we use some of the best in the industry. Take a look below to see some of the equipment we use. Our DJs are trained to zero in the sound - providing you with clear, crisp sounding music. Ever been to an event and heard your favorite song, and it sounded terrible? That's what we guarantee to avoid. We want to provide you with the best sound possible.


You will be blown away! We have the equipment and expertise to provide the entertainment for all event and show sizes! Take a look at some of our equipment! Feel free to contact us with any questions or let us help plan your event. We take pride in what we do and we promise to do it well!


JBL PRX 415M Loud Speaker

You want to be heard? Not a problem!

600 Watts ea.

JBL PRX 418S Subwoofer

You want to feel the beat? We've got you covered!

1,600 Watts ea.

Powered by: Behringer iNuke 6000

You can never have enough power! 6,000 watts ea. 


Moving head or moonflower/color changing lights, keep the dance floor moving. Just another added effect to keep things interesting.

Lighting Video - Click to View

Color changing spot and flood lights to light up the dance floor in full color. Sound activated for the fast moving songs and steady or fading for the slow songs.

Effects / Fog

Lasers, strobes, black lights and fog. Just a few of the specail effects we have to add another twist to things! You will not be disappointed with our lighting!!

Lights on Floor

Lighting is included with every package. The amount of lighting and effects we can provide always depends on the space available at each venue. 


Up-Lighting Examples - The Possibilities are Endless!

A few examples of the up-lighting / accent lighting we provide. We have enough lighting available to fill any size room!

With the latest technology, we also have the ability to provide almost any color of light you can think of - we can even match your wedding colors! Whether it be up-lighting behind the head table or around the room, or lighting under the gift table, we have you covered.